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Do you want your engine just running or do you want it running well?  What if your body could talk to you and tell you exactly what it needed to be healthy?  At Centered on Wellness we pride ourselves on being able to listen to your needs in order to help you on your journey to wellness. 

Nutrition is defined as nourishment or energy that is obtained from food consumed.  “Good Nutrition” is the key to good mental and physical health. Eating a balanced diet is an important part of good health.  The kind and amount of food you eat affects the way you feel and how your body works. However, we do not always have the time or resources when it comes to proper diet and nutrition. Many illnesses or diseases are the result of long-lasting nutritional imbalance, which shows the importance of replenishing these vitamins and minerals that we can’t or aren’t able to get from the food we consume.  Here at Centered on Wellness, our mission is to provide total person wellness and care. We offer various methods to help each person reach “good nutritional levels.” Each of us is created uniquely and therefore requires different care to reach optimum health and wellness.  

The friendly staff at Centered on Wellness is committed to helping you on your journey to wellness!

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