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Our mission is to provide whole-person care to help you achieve wellness and beauty inside and out. We have like-minded, compassionate providers under one roof to help you on your wellness journey.


Our lives are increasingly stressed and hectic, resulting in imbalance and ultimately disease. At Centered on Wellness, areas of imbalance are identified based through lab results, which allow for a personalized treatment plan to be developed specifically for each individual based on his or her needs. Our goal is to be on the forefront of prevention and a leader in the community for wellness. Our like-minded practitioners provide an integrative approach to wellness and prevention focusing on you as a “whole person, well person” and not just an organ or illness that needs treatment. We look forward to working along side you on your journey towards wellness!

"Personalized treatment designed with you in mind. Compassionate and attentive practitioners committed to helping you achieve wellness and prevention."

A specific nutritional treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

A customized program designed to help you find relief from hormone-imbalancing symptoms.

An alternative solution to the physical, mental, and emotional strain in your daily life.

Weight Management

A tool to guide you on your weight management journey, without any drastic surgeries or crash diets.

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Don't just take our word for it! See what some of our patients have to say.

"After training all summer for IronMan Florida, my body and immune system was somewhat compromised. I decided to visit Centered on Wellness for an IV infusion of important vitamins to help bolster my recovering body. Under Centered on Wellness' care, I had 3 infusions with Giutathione added to help recovery on a cellular level. This procedure assisted me in completing my goal with the IronMan Florida competition. My recovery was quick and I have been able to start back training for my next season quickly, Thank you Centered on Wellness and staff for helping me compete on a level I could not achieve alone!"

"Information is power. Centered on wellness gave me the information I was looking for by providing me with a detailed analysis of how to achieve optimal health. My primary care physician keeps me healthy but he does not have time to help me achieve the best possible health. A program like centered on wellness is long overdue. I am 52, healthy, and feel good. But I want more. Centered on Wellness gives me the knowledge to fight against and take control over the aging process."

Hugh Adams

Patient; IronMan Florida, 11/4/2018



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