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Healthy Children, Happy Families, Effective Education

Children at school


Children and Sars-CoV-2: Statistics and perspective


Local Observational Study: At least two schools in Glynn County enjoyed learning in a mask optional environment without any significant outbreaks/hospitalizations

Principles: First do No Harm – Hippocrates

Analysis: 1. Does it work? 2. Is it safe? 3. Is it needed?

The Host theory of Health

Hippocrates – “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”

Translation by The Three Little Pigs – “When dealing with a wolf, it’s better to live in a brick house”


Masking: effectiveness depends on mask and setting, safety? Necessary?

Definitions: what is a mask? Is the purpose for transmission reduction or for other reasons?

o   Need to look at the size of the particle (0.1 microns) vs the size of the filter/fabric (N95 filters 95% of particle 0.3 microns and bigger

o   Even surgical and N95 masks are NOT indicated for continuous use – they should be changed every 2 hours

o   40% surgical mask had viral penetration

o   Masking promotes hypercapnia – elevated CO2 levels and mouth breathing – bypassing natural filter of nasal passage

o   A moist mask become a petri dish for infection

o   Masking children has profound developmental, physical and mental effects which we will not fully appreciate for years – huge increase in ER mental health visits for children

o   Impairs effective communication

o   How many Olympic athletes are wearing masks while in competition?

Nutrient optimization: Safe, effective and keeps people out of hospital

50% adults take at least 1 medication, 20% take 3 or more

  •       Vitamin D – optimum >50 ng/ml –

o   significant reduction of mortality in Spanish Flu by outdoor wards – sunshine and fresh air

o   low vitamin D associated with obesity, DM, cancer and autoimmune disease

  •       Zinc: 30 – 50 mg daily more if loss of taste or smell – 40% older people are zinc deficient
  •       Thiamine (B1) – thiamine reductions seen in alcohol use – thiamine replacement helpful in covid treatment
  •       Saline nasal spray
  •       Diet: Reduce caffeine and Increase L-lysine /reduce arginine – interrupts viral replication
  •       Adaptogens: herbals that calm the stressed adrenals
  •       Exercise: stress reduction




Since we care about our children, we should optimize their immune health by optimizing vitamin D, diet, and exercise. I haven’t found studies showing benefit to masking school children. CDC has changed its opinion often. Please allow our teachers and students to learn in a mask optional environment – where each family can make its own decision. Families who have concerns have option of virtual K-12


Glynn county  COVID
Age Cases Hospitalization Deaths
01-04yo 123 1 (0.8%) 0
05-09 yo 210 1 (0.5%) 0
10-17 yo 662 1 (0.15%) 0
18-29 yo 1517 25 (1.6%) 0
State of Georgia COVID
Age Cases Deaths Hospitalization
Less than 1 3738 0 214 (5.7%)
05-09 yo 22263 2 (0.009%) 202 (0.9%)
10-17 yo 73031 9 (0.01%) 764 (1%)
18-29 yo 214388 131 (0.06%) 4153 (1.9%)
30-39 yo 155905 279(0.17%) 5464 (3.5%)
40-49yo 148700 677 (0.46%) 7927 (5.4%)
50-59 yo 139947 1806 (1.2%) 11846 (8.5%)

COVID and Children:

Statistics and Data:

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Youth Suicide Rates In Georgia By: Ellen Eldridge December 14, 2020 6:35 AM |Updated: December 14, 2020 8:36 PM




Comparative image of Sars- covi2


Nutrients and your medications


Basic Hygiene – handwashing


Vitamin and minerals to optimize health




Treatment protocols


Vaccine/COVID recovered




Data compilated by Diane Bowen, MD



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